How to burn fat and outline abdominal press

How to burn fat and get rid of belly fat To get rid of belly press first it is necessary to get rid of excess fat. Cardio exercises play a big role in the process of burning fat, but over time the body gets used to this load and stops burning fat. No cardio can speed up the metabolism and fat burning process as it does with weight training. Muscle needs extra calories for existence and development, so the food (proper nutrition) that you eat will be sent to the muscles instead of the problem areas. The more muscle there is the more calories are expended for its existence, which reduces the possibility of accumulating excess fat in the body. Overcome Myths, Use Weights Muscle Growth is a tragedy for most women, but when a woman is properly nourished and gains muscle mass, her body shape changes positively - muscles tighten and fat in problem areas decreases. Bricks "occupies. Even a woman with the best genetics for bodybuilding will not be able to gain significant muscle mass without special expensive supplements and steroids, so worry about the fact that a woman's body will lose tenderness and become masculine utopian and meaningless while exercising with weights. It is necessary to keep in mind that it is impossible to burn fat only on the abdomen or only on the seat, fat can be considered as a separate organism that is spread all over the body, so only with the help of press exercises you can not expel fat from the abdomen. The fact that there is no local fat burning does not mean that press training is a waste of time, as press training strengthens the stabilizing muscles and gives them a pronounced look in parallel with the fat burning process.