The Fitness Center is working

8:00 - 23:45

User registration is possible (purchase of a subscription)

From 8:00 to 22:00

Registration hours from 8:00 to 22:00 (during the recipient's working hours)

Registration docs. _ identity document

You can also register and purchase membership from web Sakemata Fitness Online . notice that because of total quantity of memberships online registration price may be refound to you.

When visiting the Fitness Centre it is necessary to have:

sport shoes (specifically for the Fitness Centre)

sport wear

Sandals and towels - for the shower/steam room

Towel for the Fitness Centre (which you use during workout)

The Membership/subscription includes:

- Membership (any) includes the use of all (currently 2) branches of Sakemata

- Consulting professional coaches and training under their supervision
- All kinds of exercise equipment
- Cardio zone
- Aerobics/box/crossfit zone

- Aerobics and box groups
- Dressing + shower + dry sauna/steam room

Consultation of Fitness Trainer and training under their supervision is included in any type of Membership and also in a one-time visit and for + Fitpas subscribers

Consultation includes:

- General consultation / information and individual advice

- Provide information on which traning machine is for which muscle

- Demonstration / explanation of how to do a workout on a traning machine

Individual training and nutrition program, helps the person to achieve the set goal (Weight loss, weight maintenance, increase muscle mass, outline body shapes), before its formation Fitness Trainer examines the individual's condition and desires (goal) and only then the program is prepared, the individual program is prepared by professional trainer, with 3 individual lessons.

Price 100 GEL

Personal Fitness Assistant service includes semi-remote personal trainer service - 1 month cost 200 GEL

What do you get from an assistant:

- The assistant will study your current situation and goals, based on which you will compile an exercise and nutrition program tailored to you (exercise program is made for 3-4 days, takes place in the gym, the coach determines and explains which exercise to perform)
- Set short-term and long-term goals (in the context of the program)
- will monitor the fulfillment of the set goals (weekly / remotely)
- Adjust the program if necessary (depending on the dynamics and weekly results - remotely or on the spot, if necessary)
- will have a constant connection with you - will make a weekly and monthly assessment
- High inclusion will help you achieve your goals


Personal trainer service includes individual training under the supervision of a coach (12 exercises) Cost from 350 GEL

What do you get from a personal trainer:

- Creating an exercise and nutrition program tailored to you (depending on the goals)
- Individual exercises led by the coach
- Monitoring the fulfillment of the set goals and constant Live feedback
- Adjust the program if necessary
- High engagement that helps you achieve your goals

Trainers work every day

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday - from 9:00  to 23:00 

Saturday/Sunday - from 9:00 to 22:00

Boxing groups East Point BranchMonday, Wednesday - 20:00-20:30 / 20:30-21:00 / 21:00-21:30 Tuesday, Thursday - 10:00-10:30 / 10:30-11:00 / 20:00-20:30 / 20:30-21:00 Maximum 4 people will be allowed in the group Aerobic groupsGldani Branch
Tuesday, Thursday, Suturday - 10:00-10:45 / 11:00-11:45East Point Branch Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 10:00-10:45 / 11:00-11:45 
Maximum 6 people will be allowed in the group (to join the group, you need to register on the spot, 15 minutes before the start) Boxing and Aerobics groups can be used by anyone who has an active Membership or Fitpass.

Aerobic- Without additional Fee

Boxing - 1 month (2 workout in week) - 50 Gel