vitamin E

Vitamin E - a guarantee of solid health!

In the last century, vitamin E was considered a simple fat that could be obtained from any plant. Scientific studies soon revealed that, in fact, vitamin E can have many positive effects on the body and it is much more than just fat, which is why it is now called the "amazing vitamin" in the scientific field.

What is Vitamin E and why is it necessary to take it?

Vitamin E is an indispensable vitamin, which means that the body itself can not produce it. Vitamin E is the best antioxidant in nature, it destroys free radicals produced in the body. Free radicals are formed when their chemical structure lacks negatively charged electrons. In human language, say, these radicals destroy body tissues, cause cancer and many other nasty diseases, and vitamin E kills these radicals and does not allow them to harm your body.

Cardiovascular diseases are among the most common diseases in the world today. Vitamin E protects the cardiovascular system and reduces the risk of developing atherosclerosis to zero.

✅ Vitamin E for quality weight loss!

When losing weight leads to a large amount of muscle mass, vitamin E can eliminate this process. When you eat a strict diet, you put the body in terrible stress, to get energy it begins to "eat" muscle, vitamin E will protect your muscles from breaking down and help you get rid of large amounts of fat. This vitamin is used among bodybuilders when they significantly reduce the number of calories and start preparing for competition.

How to get vitamin E from food?

Contains large amounts of vitamin E, dried beans, sunflower, green vegetables, green dried leaves, avocado and walnuts.

In what doses should we take vitamin E?

The daily norm of vitamin E ranges from 7 to 15 mg. 8-10 mg for men and 5-8 mg for women. Vitamin E has no contraindications, even if you take it in much larger doses.